Beyond clean, Manasi 7 delivers select, pure, natural, simple and sustainably produced beauty products. The timeless and multifunctional collection is made in small batches to minimize waste and support small-scale organic farming. We use raw materials and preservatives extracted from minerals, wild plants and flowers to harness the potency and natural effectiveness of their properties, quality, colour and scent.

New In:

Introducing: Eye And Lip Definer

Available in seven beautiful and versatile shades, the Eye And Lip Definer is formulated with the perfect balance of certified organic oils and waxes. This creamy formulation glides on effortlessly, and blends easily onto the eyes and lips to impart a flush of colour. It provides a buildable colour pay-off and matte finish. Define, emphasize and play up your lips and eyes. This matte pencil liner is perfect for defining your lip shape and preventing your lip colour from feathering. The non-drying formula glides smoothly onto the lips and eyes for a long-lasting effect with a one-swipe pigmentation.


Versatile: Seven shades

Use it on your eyes to create of anything from soft definition to a full-on smoky eye or a defined graphic eye. On lips, you can use the pencil to create your ideal lip shape and or apply on the whole lip to achieve a colour with matte finish.

Usage: Multifunctional

Made with certified organic Coconut oil, Carnauba wax, and natural Vitamin E, the formula has moisturizing benefits and a light, silky smooth texture that facilitates easy application. Lasting all day, it’s a versatile tool for creating an endless variety of looks.

Introducing: Botanical Cleanser, Caulis

Formulated with Fermented Camellia Seed Oil and the exclusive and mild cleansing agents Soapbark Wood Extract and Soapwort Leaf and Root Extract, Botanical Cleanser Caulis is an SLS-free, water-activated and fragrance-free cleansing balm and makeup remover in one. Leaving the skin cleansed, smooth and moisturized it is made with the highest quality microbiome-friendly, organic, natural, plant-based, fermented, waterless and vegan ingredients.

Microbioskin™: Botanical Face Oil, Armonia

With a potent infusion of 24 certified organic, natural and wild-harvested oils and extracts, Botanical Face Oil Armonia is a luxurious and effective multitasker for everyday use supporting your skin’s microbiome, creating a healthy glow.

Microbioskin™: Botanical Serum, Chanua

Formulated with certified organic, upcycled, natural, wild harvested and fermented ingredients, Botanical Serum, Chanua is a rich, nourishing probiotic serum. Silky and lightweight, it delivers deep hydration for dewy, rejuvenated skin.

New collection:

Skin and Body: Microbioskin™

Microbioskin™ — A multifunctional, microbiome-friendly skin and body care collection for a simple and minimalistic beauty routine made with only the most exclusive and effective active ingredients. Organic, natural, vegan, plant-based, fermented, bio-tech, microbiome-friendly, upcycled, waterless, TEWL reducing, small batch and made for all.

In Focus:

Best seller: Eye Glow Colour

Inspired by the unique and colourful Cotinis nitida, these soft and blendable cream eyeshadows give your eyelids the perfect colour combination while imparting them with a subtle glow. Now available in a Limited edition Holiday bundle set packed in a sustainably produced Solander gift box.

Cool pinkish brown: Duras

With its natural calm brown shade and purple undertones, Duras is the ideal neutral. Suitable for all skin tones, Duras can be used on cheeks and lips to create a look of cool sophistication. It also works perfectly as a natural eye shadow.

Seasonal favourites:

Coral: Sanguinello

All over colour, Sanguinello is a bright yet sophisticated coral for the summer vibes. It is a mix between soft red and orange, a warm colour that instantly brightens the face. Gently dab this shade shade on your lips, cheeks and eyes for the sporty and fresh look or apply it on your cheeks and eyes and match it with a warm, neutral lip colour.

Face & Body glow: Perihelion

Silk glow powder, Perihelion is a feather-light sheer loose powder with the perfect golden peachy rose hue and shimmer that creates a sun kissed glow for fair to light skin tones and enhances and highlights medium to dark skin tones. It adds a soft all-over-glow to the skin and body and refreshes any look.

Summer Bronze: Roseate

This award-winning non-oily cream bronzer formula with the perfect golden rose non-orange hue, adds depth and dimension to the face. It creates a universal radiance that flatters all skin tones. Roseate can double as a highlighter for deeper skin tones and imparts a healthy-looking glow.

Upcycled: Precision Mascara

Find your new go-to mascara — Obsidian. A combination of organic plant waxes, activated charcoal and selected raw minerals allow this emollient mascara to shape lashes and intensify fullness. Now with Activated charcoal and Marula seed oil. Fragrance free, all natural and certified organic. Updated new texture in a luxurious glass packaging.

Glow: Delirio and Heliconia

Explore Delirio and Heliconia our newest Strobelighter shades — the perfect hues of glowy goodness. Inspired by the enchanting aura of the sunrise and sunset, our newest Strobelighters are the perfect shades of glowy goodness. Delirio is a rose gold cream highlighter and Heliconia a golden bronze shade, both are beautiful hues suitable for face and eyes.

Beauty Evolution:

Our story: Beyond Clean

Our multifunctional and customizable range of beauty products gives almost infinite possibilities for creating different shades, making it a perfect fit for any skin tone, occasion or season. All of our hero ingredients in our products contain beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants naturally. These ingredients are nourishing and moisturizing to the skin and at the same time they also have anti-inflammatory properties. Instead of working against your microbiome, they will work with it, leaving your good bacteria intact. Maybe we shouldn´t focus so much on getting rid of bad bacteria, instead we can nurture the good. Less is more.

Perfect gift: Limited edition box

Together with SSENSE and FWRD, we have curated Limited edition gift boxes, perfect for a Holiday gift or any other occasion. These gift boxes of selections combine our beloved formulations including sold out colours into trios in multiple different combinations.

Formula: Certified Organic

In the organic farming no toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or chemical fertilizers are to be used and genetically modified organisms are not allowed. Our certified organic ingredients are manufactured by environmentally friendly processes, quickly and easily biodegradable and easy to restore in the natural biological cycles.

Duo-chromatic glow: Sunsubiro

Inspired by seasonal colour changes in nature and the metallic sheen from the interaction of reflected light, this unique duo chromatic Strobelighter has a gold-meets-pink shade looks good on basically every skin tone. Apply it as a highlighter, cream eyeshadow or a cream blush with a light hand for a natural, lit-from-within glow.

Bold summer lip: Fuchsine

All over colour, Fuchsine is a rich fuchsia pink suitable for a statement look and deeper skin tones. Gently dabbed, it also compliments fair to light skin tones. This is also a great alternative when you need something bold and daring but don’t want bright red – it’s also a perfect spring and summer alternative to a classic red lip.

Blurring: Silk Finish Powder

Silk Finish Powder, Translucent is a virtually invisible powder that suits all skin tones, minimizes the appearance of pores, softens the skin and absorbs oil. This truly translucent shade sets makeup and gives a matte finish on all skin tones with a perfectly flawless finish. This is the one and only setting powder you will ever need.

To achieve the highest quality possible, we have created a manifesto which sets minimum requirements for the full production cycle when developing a product or working with the Manasi 7 brand. This is called the Declaration of (7). It is the foundation of our values, our vision, our responsibilities and our core building blocks. It includes our criteria for uncompromising quality. Beauty evolution.


The collection is a selection of essentials with textures and shades produced in small batches and made with natural, wild harvested and certified organic ingredients. That is per definition sustainable as our environmental impact is very low compared to mass production and we also promote organic farming. We believe more in essentials and mixing the existing products you have to create new during the seasons. We want to push the boundaries of how we see our world today, and to sustain a future in a sustainable way.


We want to contribute to a shift to more sustainable ways of using beauty products by creating timeless and multifunctional products through sustainable development processes and production cycles that emphasize on minimizing the environmental footprint. The products are highly concentrated and designed to last for a while. We work exclusively with independent small-scale sub-contractors in our production cycles and produce our products in small quantities, therefore our waste and environmental impact is very limited. Slow, mindful and sensible beauty.